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Test for Tension, Compression, Transverse and Shear.

Dillon Quality Plus, Hardness Tester
The principle of measurement built into the unit is based on proven electronic load cell technology, used in conjunction with a mechanical drive and electronic signal processing.

The MHT-100 is a sophisticated yet portable instrument, which can measure the fracturing/breaking point of tablets ranging from 2 mm to 28 mm. The unit is battery operated which can easily be used to conduct inprocess testing of multiple simultaneous tablet presses.

The MHT-100 measures the compressive force every hundredth of a second with an accuracy of +/- 0.5% of the full scale and measures and displays the peak force utilized to fracture the sample.

The instrument has an option to measure tablet hardness in N, kN, Kgs, Lbs, or oz. Error messages, which include overloads when the maximum force of the load cell is exceeded, are provided in the LCD screen.

To measure, the tablet is placed on the measuring platform with the aid of 2 precision ground platen jaws. One side is attached to the load cell, while the other is fixed to the mechanical drive. During testing, the manual jaw is driven toward by turning the knob; which moves smoothly and presses the tablet against the fixed jaw. The process continues until the tablet is fractured and the breaking point is registered by the instrument.

The instrument performs a self test upon activation, immediately displaying thereafter a zero to indicate that testing can be begin. A sliding guard has been provided for safety from flying debris during the operation. A collection tray has also been provided to collect broken bits of the tablet after the operation.

The power source is from 4 1.5V (AA) batteries which can work continuously for 50 hours. The MHT-100 has an automatic power shut off to conserve power. It is also available with an optional AC power supply adaptor 220V / 110V AC.

Validation of the intrument can be done using an optional Validation Kit. Calibration services are provided by Dillon/Quality Plus.

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