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Dillon's NIST Certificated Force Measurement Equipment Calibration Service ensures your Dillon and other force measurement equipment is calibrated correctly.

Dillon/Quality Plus Inc.-is a Factory Authorized Service & Calibration Center for the entire Dillon Force and Torque Measurement Product Line. Our technicians are highly skilled professionals who believe in excellence through performance. They are high achievers, experts in their chosen field who understand and appreciate the importance of fast turnaround time.

Certification - All work is certified and traceable to NIST. Certificates come complete with "As Received" and "After Calibration Data" and all calibration procedures conform to the stringent guidelines of ISO 10012-1 and ANSI Z540-1 (formerly MIL-STD 45662A).Dillon's NIST Certificated Force Measurement Device Calibration Service will document the entire recalibration process.

When it's Time to Recalibrate- As a customer of Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc., for the Digital Dynamometers & Quick Checks, you will automatically be set up in our dynamometer calibration notification program. A notification will flash on the units at power up notifying you it’s time to recalibrate. In addition all units, including the Digital Dynamometers and QuickChecks, will have a calibration sticker affixed to the instrument showing Dynamometer Calibration Services Date, Due Date, and Technicians name.

Capacity- Our service department is equipped to handle loads from grams up to 100,000 lbs. in both tension and compression.

Not Just Dillon - Our technicians are experts in servicing many force measurement products not just the Dillon Product Line. The following is a typical list of products we service:

  • Digital and Mechanical Force Gauges:
    Dillon, Ametek, Chatillon, Imada, , Mecmesin, & Shimpo.
  • Digital and Mechanical Dynamometers and Crane Scales:
    Dillon, Chatillon, Hansen, Martin Decker, MSI and Tri Coastal.
  • Load Cell Systems Calibration:
    Dillon, Revere, Strainsert, Mecmesin, MSI, Evergreen, Transducer Techniques, Weigh-Tronix, Ohaus and DJ Systems.
  • Testing Machines Calibration:
    Dillon,& Mecmesin, Mark-10
  • Load Limit Switches for Hoists and Cranes:
    Dillon in-line Dyna-Switches & Cranegard Clamp on Switches

Digital Dynamometers
Load Cell Systems Calibration

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Dynamometer Calibration Services

For the best advice on which Dillon precision measurement device is right for your application Contact Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. today . We guarantee you’ll work directly with the Dillon Family team of force management experts.